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Dear Reader, if you have come across here from a different blog post, then it means the blog that you are looking for is no longer available. There could be much reason behind deleting that post, although there are still high-quality contents available on this website. Therefore, I will request you to move around for a moment and you may discover something meaningful for you.

Moreover, I have dedicated INDIHOPE.com for self-development purpose for over last 2 years. In those years I have gone through numerous ups and downs. All these experiences I have noted down here.

There are hundreds and thousands of quotes available. Therefore, check for the ones which you find interesting, I have listed all the free resources below.

Quotes resources are available in the ‘quotes’ page. Here are a number of my favorite quote authors.

Here are few of the best quotes

To Light Up Your Life Use This Evergreen Motivational Quotes

Peaceful and Inspiring Quotes from Thich Nhat Hanh

Boost Your Confidence and Self Worth With Swami Vivekananda’s Quotes

Let boost your discipline with bruce lee’s quotes

With Confucius quotes you will never let yourself down

Books Suggestions

Here on this website I have collected the foremost inspiring and educating book lists. In these lists, I have covered each and every significant reading category; below I have listed those categories. Meanwhile, for a complete reading please read it on the Books suggestion page.

Learn more about Happiness

Here are the hacks for your Productivity

Recommended Books on Mindfulness

A peaceful mind with the Yoga

If anybody has any suggestions and want to share it, please move to the contact page and leave a mail, once I will receive it; I will reply you.

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